MobilDrTech, Inc.
Making Virtual Healthcare Reality

        Tablet and Laptop Platforms for Mobility


         IOS and Android Apps for Smartphones


High Definition Desktop or Room Systems


Featuring the Vidyo® Telepresence Platform for Real Time Interactivity between Physicians, Patients and Other Healthcare Services Providers

We also sell diagnostic scopes and cameras including digital telemedicine stethoscopes (PCP-1 Mic Port and the PCP-USB™) which are rapidly becoming the tools of choice for remote auscultations in both hospital and outpatient settings.

MobilDrTech, Inc. is a full service telemedicine products and services provider. With 15 years experience in the telemedicine industry, MobilDrTech engineers design, build, install and provide tech support for implemented projects. Customers are able to purchase components for projects they are developing themselves or opt for turnkey development and deployment of ready to use systems. 

At the core of MobilDrTech technology is the Vidyo® line of video conference hardware and software products. Sanctioned by Vidyo® as an authorized reseller, MobilDrTech provides Vidyo® cloud based routers, servers and related equipment for institutional or enterprise customers who prefer to manage their own systems and Vidyo® internet accessible service for customer who wish to outsource the IT technical component.

Vidyo is a registered trademard of Vidyo. PCP-1 and PCP-USB are trademards of RNK Products, Inc.